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A repository for links to various open data sets published by the Delaware Government Information Center and other Delaware agencies. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list; many agencies maintain large and open collections of data. There is also a large collection of state government RSS feeds which provide regular news and information updates. If you know of data sets that should be linked-to from this page, or if there are data sets you cannot find that we can help you with, please let us know.

Indexes to Delaware Public Archives Holdings

The following data sets are indexes of some of the collections in the Delaware Public Archives. They can be searched online using the Collection Gateway. Each index includes basic information about each holding in the collection, but does not include all of the information. Researchers can request a copy of the record or view the original record by visiting the Research Room.

-Appointments (XML, 15.3M) — This database is to the appointments made by the governor to boards and commissions.

-Apprentice Indentures (XML, 6.6M) — This database is to legal contracts made for minors to learn a trade.

-Audio/Visual (XML, 272k) — This database is to the audio and visual holdings in the Delaware Public Archives. There are sound recordings as well as video and motion pictures.

-Bastardy Bonds (XML, 546k) — Bastardy bonds were filed in response to a law that required a bond be filed by the father of an illegitimate child, to ensure that the child did not become a burden on the county.

-Churches (XML, 366k) — This is an index to our church holdings. It includes the WPA records as well as original manuscript records.

-Civil List (XML, 2.2M) — This is the database of those officials who were elected to serve in Delaware government.

-Coroner (XML, 433k) — These indexes are to all three counties from the office of the coroner. They are the manuscript record of the reports of investigations into the causes of deaths occurring in suspicious or unusual circumstances.

-Death Register (XML, 19.2M) — Registers of deaths and burials within the City of Wilmington.

-Enrolled Bills (XML, 3.1M) — This index is to the original bills passed by both houses of the legislature from 1776-1959.

-Executive Orders (XML, 151k) — This is the index to executive orders issued by the governor.

-Governors (XML, 19k) — This is a list of the governors of the State of Delaware.

-Maps (XML, 399k) — This is the index to the map holdings in the Delaware Public Archives.

-Naturalization Records (XML, 3M) — This index covers naturalization records from Superior Court in all three counties.

-Newspapers (XML, 393k) — This is the index to the newspapers that are available on microfilm at the Delaware Public Archives.

-Orphans Court (XML, 15.6M) — This index is of the Orphans Court case files for all three counties. It dealt with the guardianship of minors, real estate left intestate, partition of real estate, and appeals from the register of wills.

-Pamphlets (XML, 789k) — This index is to the pamphlets that are held by Delaware Public Archives. They are divided into 15 different categories such as Delawareana, cities and towns, civil war, etc.

-Probate Records (XML, 50.1M) — These indexes are of our holdings created for the settling of a deceased person's estate for all three counties starting around 1680. Probates file folder #'s after 120085 must be requested from the New Castle County Register of Wills.

-State Deeds (XML, 692k) — This database is to the original deeds to state owned property as mandated by 29 DC CH 524.

-State Reports (XML, 10.2M) — This index is to the reports and publications generated by state and local government agencies. They include annual reports, digests, programs, and brochures.

Demographic Data

Census counts, historic census data and population projections are available from the Office of State Planning Coordination through the Delaware Census State Data Center.

-Collected 2010 Census data for Delaware — Links to data in various formats, including google spreadsheets, comma-delimited files and GIS data sets.

-Delaware in the US Census, 1790 to 2010 — A google spreadsheet of Census counts for the state and all three counties in each US Census, with links to historic census documents.

-Delaware Population Projections — The latest population projections, in various formats including excel and google spreadsheets.

Financial Data

-Delaware Online Checkbook — Financial data related to the State's purchase of goods and services, as well as reimbursements.

-School District Spending Data — A google spreadsheet of data used in school spending reports from the office of the Lt. Governor.

Traffic/Transit Data

The Department of Transportation offers several data feeds related to traffic and transit issues. Many of these feeds are used to supply data to the Department's Interactive Traffic Map. The XML feeds below include geospatial locations (latitude and longitude). The RSS feeds do not.

-Real Time Travel Advisories (XML) — Updates regarding traffic delays, detours, closures and other information. With location information.

-Real Time Travel Advisories (RSS) — An RSS feed, without location information, of the traffic advisories.

-Scheduled Travel Restrictions (XML) — A comprehensive listing of road construction activity that will affect traffic. Includes location information.

-Scheduled Travel Restrictions (RSS) — An RSS feed, without location information, of road construction activity that will affect traffic.

-Traffic Flow (XML) — Updates regarding traffic delays and congestion. Includes location information.

-Traffic Cameras (XML) — Locations of and video feeds from posted traffic cameras.

-Variable Speed Limit Signs (XML) — Locations of variable speed limit signs and the speed limits posted via those signs.

Other Data Sets

-Delaware State Government Buildings (XML) — An XML file of named state government buildings in Delaware.

-Delaware Public School GIS Layers — A collection of GIS datasets related to Delaware schools and school districts from the Delaware Department of Education's school mapping site.

-Trustees of the Poor Bastardy Bonds (xml) — From the Delaware Public Archives.

-Development Trends — Collected county and municipal building permit and development application data from the Office of State Planning Coordination in a variety of formats, including comma-delimited, KMZ, and GIS.

-Delaware FirstMap — A site for sharing and discovering geospatial data about Delaware.

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Fenwick Island Lighthouse

The 87-foot Fenwick Island Lighthouse was painted in 1880 for a total cost of about $5.00.

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